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At Bolton Furniture it is our goal to offer you the best possible value in Kids Furniture, Sleep and Study Solutions.  We want your entire buying experience to be the best it possibly can be.

We offer unique case styles, all timeless in design.  Our cases come in several different finishes to meet your needs.

Bolton Furniture offers several Bed Styles that cross over between most case styles.  All our Signature Beds, Cooley, Mission, Cottage, Windsor, Bennington and Lyndon are available in Twin, Full, Twin/Twin Bunks and Full/Full Bunks.  Two of our Beds, Mission and Bennington are available in Twin / Full Bunks.  The Mission and Cooley beds are available in our unique SSS Loft, Study Loft and Cafe Loft configurations.  The Cottage and Bennington Beds are available in Queen.

Create Unique Low Loft sleep Systems from Bolton.  Six Bed Styles, 4 case Styles, 6 finishes and 6 colors of fabric allow you to create a Low Loft Storage or Tent configuration to meet any childs needs. 

Buy Bolton Furniture today - use it forever!  


Monday, July 21,2014

“A dream is a wish your heart makes,” as the old Cinderella song reminds us. When we dream, we often find ourselves doing things that we can’t do, haven't done, or want to do in real life. It’s also a time for us to work out our inner thoughts, explore alternate realities, and react to bizarre and even irrational situations.

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Monday, July 07,2014

Among the few things that humans of all race, gender or age share, nothing is more vital than sleep. Even though it has been studied for thousand years, and more in depth in the last century, it still remains something mysterious that we still have much to learn about.

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