August 27, 2013

Choosing Bedroom Colors—Create a Cozy Hideaway

Color impacts our moods dramatically, and some colors can literally suck the energy out of you!

Want to create a cozy haven, tucked away within your home? We’ve got some tips to do just that! Let’s discover how to get the bedroom of our dreams and a peaceful place we can call home. 

First step: Bedroom Furniture

Our bedrooms are meant to be our retreat. A safe and cozy place where we can escape. Somewhere you can go and just be. Bedroom furniture can make a big difference on the coziness of our restful getaway as well. If you’re bedroom furniture is dated, damaged, or just seen better days; consider replacing it with a new set. Bunk beds, tent beds and loft beds are a fun alternative to a traditional bed so don’t shy away from trying out something new!

There are many styles of bedroom furniture to choose from, take a look at these beautiful furniture lines. Keep in mind that if you like one style, you’ll most definitely be able to get the exact model you like. Most collections feature a full range of bed styles—from king and queen beds, to loft and bunk beds.

Second step: Choosing your Colors

Color impacts our moods dramatically, and some colors can literally suck the energy out of you! Shy away from drab and dull colors that don’t emit some feel-good vibe. Color is a highly personal experience as well, so keep in mind your personal preferences when choosing a color for your bedroom. 

You may love crazy wild vibrant colors, but consider toning them down if you want to create a peaceful and restful atmosphere. One way to still get your color fix is to use your vibrant color as an accent, rather than the main attraction. Deep violet walls may overpower you after a few days, but some artwork, pillows and a violet inspired rug would add an invigorating punch to a lighter scheme.  


Tested and Tried Color Schemes for a Bedroom

BLUE: Blue is hands down one of the most calming, peaceful tones you can choose. Serene and calming, blue can also add some fresh life to a tired room, depending on the hue and tone you choose. 

GREEN: Just like blue, green is amazing at bringing us back to earth. From earthy and foresty tones, to vibrant spring greens, this color is a safe and super choice for bedrooms of any age or gender. Tranquility, cleanliness and health are all feelings invoked by green tones. 

VIOLET: If you want a cool and refreshing feel, go for a violet paint! Pastel and quieter hues of violet will make a comfortable and cozy room, while they also can have a great effect on our mind-power. If you spend time reading or studying in your room, violet is a great color for you! 

PINK: Traditionally pink has been for babies, girlies and romance. But it is extremely soft and relaxing and can really brink a peaceful and fun feel to any room. Guys may not go for this one head over heels, but you may be surprised at how much you like this color. Try it in a softer tone to keep things in perspective.

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